Application Process

Admissions Staff

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  • Christina Stein 

    Admissions and Preschool Coordinator

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  • 1. Take a Tour

    Families are welcome to contact LAKEVIEW by email, phone, or by visiting the school website to schedule a meeting and tour of our campus. The first step is to attend a tour, which includes a parent information session, where you will gain valuable information about the Montessori philosophy and the culture at our school. Please note, these initial sessions are for adults only to ensure you can give your full attention to what we must share with you. After a complete tour of our school, all questions will be addressed. At the end of the tour, parents will be given an information package to take home to review.
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  • 2. Additional Needs

    In the event that a child has needs (for example: a unique learning style, physical restrictions, speech delays etc.) Lakeview Montessori School reserves the right to request up to 3 visits for the child to experience our classroom. Lakeview Montessori School has limited resources to support individual students. As a result parents may be encouraged to contact CCAC or Children’s First for further classroom support. During the visits the classroom teacher and the Head of School will observe and gauge the child’s needs. A meeting with the parents will take place to review the outcome, the possibility of placement, and any recommendations for the prospective student.
  • 3. Register

    Once the registration documents are completed families are asked to schedule an appropriate time to submit their completed forms along with payment.
  • 4. Acceptance

    Families will receive a formal welcome letter from Lakeview Head of School identifying the newly registered student, the class they are enrolled in, the teacher and assistants of the  class, and the schedule that they have been registered for. Any additional documentation will be sent home as well so that all necessary forms are complete for the child’s first day of school.
  • 5. Conditions of Acceptance

    Every application requires that parents/guardians sign a “Conditions of Acceptance” form. This document outlines the school’s policies and conditions that apply to all students.