First Day of School Testimonial

"I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you. You are doing an amazing job in a very strange and unpredictable time in making school a special place in spite of the restrictions due to COVID.

I pulled out of the drop off yesterday morning and had a bit of a cry as I watched what I felt was my son's innocence float away because he had to deal with the reality of COVID and the changes it meant for school. On pick up, however, he hopped in the car thrilled with his first day -not a word of complaint about masks or smaller classes. He was thrilled to spend time in the new healing garden, be given the ability to step outside if he needed a moment to remove his mask, and happy to inform me that not only did he have two buddies in his class but they were also seated near him so they are able to talk to each other. Today he was super excited to share the "escape room" that was created and to proudly tell me because he's in grade 6 he was one of the leaders.

I'm so very grateful to all of you for clearly putting so much thought into making school fun, making sure that children have some friends in their class so they can finally connect with them after so long, and for providing a safe and happy place for the children.

I can only imagine how stressful the last few months have been for you all trying to plan all of this out. Thank you Thank you Thank you!"