Fundscrip Gift Card Orders

Today you’ll receive an opportunity to turn your everyday spending dollars into fundraising dollars for Lakeview, completely free of charge! The program is called “FundScrip” which gives back a percentage of the value of gift cards that are purchased through their service. 
You can download an order form for a wide range of gift cards from FundScrip that covers everything from gift-giving to groceries and gas. For every gift card purchased, FundScrip will donate a percentage of the gift-card value back to Lakeview. Without any added expense to you, your weekend round of errands will turn into donations for Lakeview. 
To have the gift cards ready, place your order by Thursday, November 26th, 2020 Please make cheques payable to Lakeview Montessori School.  You will be notified by email when the gift cards have arrived and they will go home in your child's backpack. 
Use gift cards:
  • to donate to the Hiatus House or CAS for the giving program
  • for teacher gifts
  • for staff gifts at your place of business
  • to give to friends and family
  • to go grocery shopping or buy gas
  • to pay for your morning cup of coffee!
The more you buy, the more money the school receives!