Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Our Philosophy

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  • At Lakeview we begin with a deep respect for children as unique individuals

  • Classrooms are small in size, have a very attractive student-teacher ratio

  • Learning is not focused rote drill and memorization. Our students learn through hands- on experience, investigation and research

  • Offer a warm and supportive environment where children do not get lost in the crowd

  • Offer an exciting environment for learning

  • Students learn and work independently and within small groups, allowing for more one-on-one individualised attention and care from their teachers

  • The curriculum is unified, internationally developed and accredited (Practical life, Sensorial, Math, Language and Cultural)

  • The multi-year age span in each class provides a community-like grouping where learning takes place naturally

  • We have an open door policy and guarantee an easy access to teachers

Our Mission

The Lakeview community inspires its students to learn, lead & succeed together.

Our Vision

Lakeview is a centre of academic excellence that nurtures and inspires innovators of tomorrow.

Our Values

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  • Commitment to the whole child

    We are committed to the physical, academic, emotional and social development of each child.
  • Inclusivity

    We respect and value all children, their families and their cultures and provide a learning culture that celebrates the differences and similarities that make each of us unique.
  • Accountability

    We are accountable to all parents, staff, students, donors, and funders.
  • Transparency

    We are committed to having open and complete communication with all stakeholders.
  • Partnership

    We will partner with parents and the community to foster learning.
  • Leadership

    We are committed to being the leader in Montessori education. LMS provides an academic setting for limitless learning through individualized, developmentally informed education and care of children 18 month to 14 years of age.
  • Creativity

    Our promise to our families is to create an innovative curriculum which inspires individuality, confidence, self-expression and creative thinking