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Specialties & Extra-curriculars


Arts Program

At Montessori, each student acquires mastery in many fundamental areas at their own pace, supported by passionate, highly trained, and talented staff. Lakeview Montessori's Arts Program is one of the cornerstones of the school’s culture. Each program is designed and facilitated by experienced individuals who demonstrate skill, passion, and dedication to their craft. The enthusiasm they bring to the school is infectious. Their programs inspire in all of the students an excitement and joy that cannot be understated. Lakeview celebrated its 40th Anniversary and expanded its facility to create the perfect space to house these incredible programs. Visual arts is led by the incomparable Heather Taylor who is a talented artist and professional photographer. Her passion for her work is in her soul. She has a magical way of channeling the creative out of the mundane and teaching others to do the same. Lakeview’s Music Program is led by professional musician, choral conductor and pianist, Mr. Mateiu who is a graduate of the University of Windsor’s Music Program. The general program includes band, composition, drumming circles, singing, and other music fundamentals, while the Montessori Mozarts program takes students into private lessons to learn piano, guitar, and voice. The instrument portion of the private program is led by Leah Harris, professional blues and jazz musician, and the voice portion is led by world renowned opera singer, Amelia Daigle. Lakeview serves children up to a grade 8 level and is committed to inspirational learning through innovation and the arts.