Unacceptable Attire

On designated dress down days, or during summer school, the following clothing is not acceptable to wear:

  • Halter tops
  • shirts or dresses with “spaghetti straps”
  • “cut-off” jean shorts
  • shorts or dresses/skirts that are shorter than the reach of the end of the child’s fingertips (as an estimated measurement of length)
  • Flip flops will not be acceptable footwear for any Lakeview student. It is our recommendation, for the students’ safety, that they wear running shoes, sneakers or strapped sandals on the playground to provide the best protection and coverage during play time.
At Lakeview our students show their school pride through wearing our uniforms!
All uniform attire can be purchased online at
Lakeview parents can order their uniforms in the first two weeks of August, January and May. Bulk orders will eliminate the cost of shipping and will be shipped directly to the school.

Dress Code for Casa and Elementary Students

List of 3 items.

  • Mondays

    Are formal school crest days. All staff and children are expected to wear their white collared shirt with school logo along with dress pants. In the event that a child is wearing a sweater or vest over their shirt, the logo must be visible on the sweater/vest. Additional school crest days may be announced during the course of the year under special circumstances.
  • Phys-Ed Days

    Students will wear their gym wear which includes the school t-shirt and sweatpants/shorts.
  • Weekdays

    The students are required to respect our dress code which include, a collared polo shirt (white, black or school blue) accompanied by dress pants or knee-length shorts. Accessories in class, for colder days may include the school cardigan, knit vest, or school sweatshirt.
    No other outerwear is permissible in class.
Children/students are required to wear their uniform. Students that arrive to school and have not respected our uniform code will be provided with the appropriate clothing. The family will be invoiced for the clothing and sent home with their child.

If you wish to purchase clothing with no logo and would like to get the item branded you can contact Dynamic Design. 

There will be designated dress down days through the course of the school year, during which the children can wear denims, along with their choice of shirts and sweatshirts.

During Summer School

Students are not required to respect the above-mentioned dress code, although it is a requirement that all students wear our Lakeview t-shirt for field trips.

Casa and Toddler students are also required to wear their school t-shirt on all field trips. Children who appear without a school shirt on a field trip day, etc., will be provided with a school shirt, and the family will be invoiced for the shirt.