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Specialties & Extra-curriculars


Extended French Program in our Preschool Classes

Enhanced Core French as a Second Language

The idea and the intention of the Extended French program is, to expose the children to as many daily French activities as possible, to develop their academic and social skills in French language. This age is prime for children's minds to be absorbing the gift of a second language. Those of you who teach or work with preschoolers know, that a good French curriculum for preschool children is hands-on, engaging and colourful. They have to be taught things they can easily refer to. Through guided, independent and group learning situations, students engage in French language acquisition as a fun, interactive and enjoyable experience.
In our program monthly themed activities guide the curriculum. Each monthly theme is broken down into monthly units with various teaching materials (songs, objects, flash cards, reading books, worksheets, videos, crafts etc., all complementing the curriculum).

Our program consists of daily French circles (about 20 min.) building a repertoire of songs, games, vocabulary and simple conversations . Songs in particular do wonders when it comes to improving children's listening and speaking skills. What's more is that the students retain information much more easily when singing. High frequency items such as numbers, colours, greetings, various classroom objects and common expressions are incorporated in our daily routine, used on a regular basis and in a very natural way.

Summarizing the goal of our program : Through constantly increasing vocabulary, little conversations and various language activities, students engage French as whole language acquisition. Keeping in mind global citizenship, French culture is also brought into the spotlight, building a sensitivity and understanding of Francophone societies within Canada and around the world.
 The Elementary French as a Second Language (FSL) program builds on the oral skills developed in the Casa (preschool) program. Elementary students begin reading and writing French as well as learning verb conjugations and syntax. Elementary students attend enhanced core FSL classes where teachers explore various units of interest with students.
Our Elementary students also benefit from being in a dual language school. French and English are working languages at Lakeview The FSL faculty has made a commitment to speak French to their students everywhere in the school, so you often hear French in the hallways. The FSL teacher is in the class in the morning, every morning, and French becomes integrated into the curriculum and classroom activities. The FSL faculty have made a commitment to speak French to the students at all times in the school. We also offer after school programming in French so that students may use their language skills in new environments.
At Lakeview we are dedicated to providing every opportunity available to us to help our students become bilingual, while simultaneously offering all the advantages of an authentic Montessori education.