Welcome from Head of School

Dear Parents and Guardians of Lakeview Students:

I would like to extend a warm welcome to each of you. At Lakeview Montessori School we are fortunate to have a team of dedicated professionals on our Executive Board who are looking out for the best interest of our school. Our faculty consists of experienced and energetic teachers who create individualized programming for our children. Their insights and high level of integrity assures that each student receives an enriched experience. As I walk through the hallways I can feel the levels of energy and positivity here at Lakeview.

Lakeview’s presence in the city is now even more noticeable. Having celebrated our 40th year in education, Lakeview expanded its campus as well as our students’ young minds. A new multipurpose facility was added to accommodate fitness, music, art, robotics, a wellness centre, healing garden and other programs for our students. Modern learning is hands on and dynamic and our students are trained to become out of the box thinkers. As such, when a faculty member has a brilliant idea, we can run with it. By making smart, timely decisions, we meet our goal to respond to the needs of each student and remain ahead of the game.
In addition to upgrading every facet of the school to the highest standards, we have also been recognized with accreditation by the Canadian Accreditation of Independent Schools and the Canadian Council for Montessori Administrators. It is an honour and a testament to all of our hard work to hold both national accreditations. Lakeview’s Montessori Teacher Education Program is also internationally accredited and attracts trainee teachers from all areas of the world.
As your Head of School I look forward to getting to know each family individually. My experience as an educator has allowed me to fully appreciate Lakeview as a leader in 21st Century learning. Our personal approach and attention to detail are invaluable to our families.

I invite you to stop in at any time if you require my assistance in any way. I congratulate you on your choice to have Lakeview inspire and educate your children.

Prof. Maureen Harris, M.Ed, AMS

Head of School
Lakeview Montessori School