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Welcome from Head of School

Dear Parents and Guardians of Lakeview Students:

Lakeview welcomes each of our families to a new beginning this school year. With every new beginning comes a time to reflect upon the growth that has come beforehand, all while honoring the success stories that we all have grown from over the past couple of trying years. As we move forward, I invite you to join me with a fresh, positive and open mind as we work together making new and exciting goals for our students and school community. I welcome you to join us on this mindful journey of Montessori awakening, as we move forward united, eagerly embarking on this new and prosperous school year.
There are so many pivotal pillars that strengthen our school, such as the very dedicated and professional Board of Directors, who aim to always keep the best interest of the school at the forefront of their work. Our passionate faculty embody the mission and vision of the school, ensuring high quality education and an abundance of collaborative experiences built within the framework of a community. Lakeview’s well prepared Montessori learning environment honors each student individually, tailoring goals that foster creativity, independence and confidence. Our warm and nurturing teachers challenge their students’ growing minds, inspiring lifelong learners and preparing them for real world experiences. As you enter our classrooms, it doesn’t take long to feel the great sense of family, the positive energy and the sought out, personal touch that resonates from the relationship that each teacher shares with their students. 
Something so very special about Lakeview Montessori School is how our educators value and respect children. Our teachers provide opportunity for our students to lead their learning, search and explore to find answers to their questions and to work with their classmates to discover more as they continue to grow and learn together. Dr. Maria Montessori wrote that “children are human beings to whom respect is due, superior to us by reason of their innocence and of the greater possibilities of their future.” Our teachers inspire their students, trusting them to make responsible choices and to put their critical thinking skills to work. Our qualified Montessori guides open doors for their students, encouraging them to dive deeper into what interests them and what they are passionate about. Our faculty ensure that the prepared Montessori learning environment has something for every child, honoring each child’s level of learning, all while enhancing their strengths and by trusting their success through the self-correction tool, unique to the Montessori philosophy. These Montessori core values feed the mind and spirit of each student’s tenacity, competence and heightened sense of autonomy.
As a proud Montessori educator and Interim Head of School, I’d like to urge you to embrace this momentous start with us and be open to allow it to lead you to look through this new beginning from a child’s lens, finding a fresh view of the world. For there is so much to admire about the children’s zest for life and the magnitude of their potential being so uplifting. Lakeview community, join me in honoring our students potential and let’s walk together to empower them to better the world, now and in the future. Let today be the start of something new.
With gratitude and sincerity,
Renée Ryerson